10 SEO Tools to Analyze Your Website

December 19, 2015

An update on the Google algorithm totally out of the blue can leave marketers in spits of concern and confusion. The updates are made for good; every algorithm change will take Google a step nearer to better and more relevant search results. Nonetheless, how a website is evaluated by Google and how it determines what websites to display for specific queries, still has some secrecy to it. However, there are certain tools which will help you look upon your website exactly how Google does. These tools could be helpful in your strategies as they concentrate on elements which Google considers as important. In this article, we present you 10 such tools which will help you analyze your website just like Google does.

1) Google Webmaster Tools

It is a free tool provided by Google itself and is a user friendly tool which explains the basics of Google search. It has got great features like PageSpeed insights. It can measure the performance of both mobile website as well as a desktop website based on speed. With the increasing mobile usage, page speed determination is really important.

2) Check My Links

It is also a free tool that ensures if both external and internal links on your web page are actually working. It helps the publisher or the editor to amend certain flaws before the page goes live. It highlights good links with green color, broken ones with red and will easily help you identify those which have ceased working.

3) Moz Pro Tools

With a free trial period of 30 days, this tool will let you increase the search ranking of your business. Its collection of tools helps in identifying opportunities in SEO, keeps a track on growth, makes reports and optimizes the efforts overall. It is also helpful to identify factors including crawl ability, redirects and duplicate content that can affect SEO performance.

4) SEO Report Card

It is yet again a free tool which will help you analyze sites to check how it stands against the competitors. It will provide you reports of rank analysis, link building, onsite analysis, website accessibility, trust metrics and current indexing.

5) HubSpot’s Website Grader

This free tool helps you to unravel the opportunities in search engine optimization. Moreover, there is a recent release of an improvised version that gets you personalize reports depending on performance, mobile readiness, SEO and security. You just need to have the website URL and email ID to begin with. Just feed the information and you can look forward for a score.

6) Woorank

With a trial periods of 14 days, the in-depth analysis of the site provided by this tool helps marketers obtain opportunities for improvement and optimization. It considers the performance of social media, existing initiatives of SEO, usability and much more. It is also easy to download reviews in the form of branded PDFs.

7) Screaming Frog SEO Spider

It is specifically designed for the serious SEO technician. It crawls over the websites you mention and checks for general SEO issues. It simplifies the process and also saves time.

8) Found’s SEO Audit Tool

This is yet another free tool to identify and resolve usual errors of SEO on a website. It deals with technical issues, content issues and external link analysis.

9) Remove’em

This tool removes those unnatural links and artificial ones that can effectively hurt your search engine rankings.

10) Varvy’s SEO Overview Tool

This free tool offers users information about links, domain strength, social mentions and counts, image SEO, page speed and other aspects.

So get hold of these SEO tools today!

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