6 Ways Clogged Pipes Arise

June 28, 2021

Every homeowner’s nightmare is dealing with clogged pipes. They can be nuisances to handle. What’s worse is that there are many ways they could arise. We ran through these causes below. Keep reading.


The biggest culprit for pipes getting blocked is hair. It binds with grease and other slimy substances to cause blockages. Unfortunately, you can’t prevent hair from falling while you’re showering. This is especially true if you have long hair.

As you can’t prevent hair from falling, what do you? You can place guards over drains; they would catch any strands that fall.


After hair, the biggest culprit for blocked pipes is soap. We’re not talking about bars of soap getting blocked in drains, but soap residue.

Soap is made from grease or fat. The grease combines with minerals in the water to produce soap scum – it’s a hard substance that collects and hardens.

You can prevent the scum from building up by using soap-free body washes. Regularly having your drains pressure cleaned would do the trick too.

Tree Roots

Although you might not think it, tree roots could be causing you trouble too. Even the smallest cracks in underground pipes could invite tree roots to grow. Once they start growing, they don’t stop.

If you’re looking for a blocked drains and sewer plumber in Melbourne, then you are in luck as there are has many. The most serious blocked pipes they’d have worked with would have been due to roots. It’s an incredibly complex procedure, as you’d have to review the root structure before deciding on anything to do. The work might be pricey too.


Just like soap would harden because of the minerals in the water, the minerals in the water themselves could build up into masses. Unfortunately, the houses in your area may be getting hard water in your taps– water that is full of minerals.

Softeners exist; they try and filter out any minerals that are passing through.

Food Waste

The food pieces you’d be washing down would be big. If the pipe is small, the waste could cause a lot of trouble. Some of the organic waste that may be ending down your drain could be oily; they would solidify.

Invest in a compost bin. The food pieces could be chucked in there instead of ending up in your sink.


Whether you’re washing your clothes, hands, utensils, or your body, dirt would be washed away. The muck and grime could build up in your pipes over time and cause issues. Try rinsing off any excess dirt that is on you before hopping into the shower.

Let’s summarize everything that was discussed. There are quite a few ways the pipes in your home are clogged. The most common would-be hair that has collected from the shower.

A more complex way pipe get clogged is through tree roots. There may be cracks in underground pipes that have let the roots go. Hard water can cause clogging too – a softener can be placed to filter out the minerals.

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