6 Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

June 28, 2021


Unproductivity strikes everyone. It’s the worst thing that could happen if an important project needs to be completed. Several things can be done about this. We talked all about them below. Keep reading.

Take Breaks

The smartest thing would be to regularly take breaks. Working non-stop would lead you to get burned out. You’d not be putting out quality work either, as you’d be fed-up.

Does this mean you should take breaks every 5-minutes? No. A 5-minute breather every 90 minutes is fine.

Taking breaks would not only help you avoid feeling overwhelmed, but you’d be able to go back to the task with a fresh perspective. If it’s hard and you haven’t figured out how to approach it yet, this would help.

Focus on Important Work

How much work do you have to do? Follow the MIT approach; Most Important Tasks first.  It would reduce the risk of procrastination.

Go through everything that needs to be done and choose the top 3 most important ones and then focus on them. Knowing which tasks would need the most attention would also help you stay organized.

Communicate Better

How will you be able to handle the day’s work when you’re sending emails back and forth? Refine your communication skills. Make messages as concise as possible.

Be Comfortable

Let’s say you’re a very driven person; you’re easily able to handle everything that needs to be done. However, what’s stopping you from doing your work could be back pain.

The discomfort you’d feel depends on the strain you’re putting on your neck and back. Have everything you need at arm’s distance so that you don’t strain your spine. Maintain proper posture when seated too. And have your monitor positioned in a way that your gaze naturally falls on it.

You may unfortunately be someone that suffers from chronic back pain. What would help would be seeing a chiropractor. If you’re in Melbourne chiropractor clinics are in abundance. You’d be able to find someone experienced to help.

Break Work Down

Break projects into smaller tasks. You’d be able to set more efficient goals to work towards. How much smaller you should break them into is up to you.

Manage Your Energy

How much energy you have would affect how much you’d be able to complete. Taking regular breaks would help keep your energy levels high. But what would also help would be watching what you eat. Be sure to eat lunch, and snack whenever you feel hungry. Why not have some coffee for an extra kick mid-day?

To summarize, there are several things that can be done to keep you productive at work. What would help the most would be regularly taking breaks. If there’s a lot of work to do, the breathers would prevent you from getting burned out. Some tasks may be harder than others. Taking a break away from the project would help you come back with a fresh perspective. Of course, make sure that you’re comfortable. You won’t be able to perform well if your neck hurts.

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