How To Attract Potential Employees Using Your Workspace

January 14, 2020

Business owners need to understand the importance workplace play in an employee’s decision to join a company. And we don’t just mean appearance-wise, we all mean with regards to safety. It’s especially with regard to workplace safety that we find most businesses tend to undersell their advantages. This could give you a competitive edge if you play your cards right so here are some ways you can make your workplace more attractive to employees:

A Culture Of Safety

The first way to make sure you don’t give your business a bad name is to create a culture of safety. This is a culture where employee health is prioritized and everyone, no matter how far up on the ladder, is held accountable for their actions. Start this off by clearly communicating any safety guidelines necessary in meetings- not just in one workshop. By maintaining this culture, you reduce injuries and risks and nothing appeals to a candidate more than knowing they are valued and cared for in their workplace.

Potential Hazards

It goes without saying that you need to be on top of your workplace maintenance. Take time off to inspect your space and pick out any potential hazards. Make sure to develop policies that will allow your employees to work safely. Should your potential recruits come in for an interview, the last thing they’ll want to see is frayed wires, slick areas, malfunctioning appliances, etc. so walk yourself through the office from reception to a conference room and identify what you can improve.

Benefits And Rewards

With good benefits, you can greatly stimulate employee productivity. Examples usually include retirement plans, insurance, paid holidays, health plans (for example you can even arrange for a workplace flu vaccine for when those pesky plagues hit). On top of these benefits, you can also introduce a reward system for excellent employee behavior- for example, this could include maintaining the space, or your efforts for sustainability in office, etc. By supplying your employees with good benefits, you show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile to keep them happy and healthy.


It’s important to remember that the best reviews about your business will spread by word-of-mouth. So you want to make sure that you give people plenty of good things to say about your space. This starts by making sure you hire responsible employees that represent your company well. Even if your employee has handled a similar position in a company before, make sure to educate them on the safety policies. It would also be beneficial to display posters to remind your employees about safety priorities as well.


Your best feedback on how to create a workspace that is beneficial for employees is to listen to the employees themselves! They will have the most critical feedback you’ll need to make a positive change in your space. It’s also important that you conduct safety audits and review your policies and regulations.

These are the best ways you can improve your workspace and use it to help in recruiting the right caliber of employees you’re looking for!

Image Credit: Bruce Mars

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