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January 27, 2017

It can often feel as though once you have been to one office, you have been to them all. Where are all the beautifully set up spaces that you see in magazines? However, if you have a business of your own, you are probably aware of the difficulties involved in creating such an office. At the same time, if you have clients dropping in quite frequently, you do need to make a good impression. If you want to look chic but don’t want to hire interior decorators to do the job, here are some guidelines that can help you out.

Use Natural Light

There is nothing drearier than walking into a space that is only lit up by artificial light. Alas, this is what most office spaces rely upon. If you have windows, it is best to use them as much as possible. If you have smaller windows or only a limited amount of light coming through, use mirrors to reflect this light around. Of course, you are still going to need artificial lighting to add illumination to the room. It is best if you opt for lights and colours that mimic natural light as much as possible. Unless absolutely necessary, you can use interesting lamps instead of fluorescent lighting to provide the illumination that you need.

Try Different Colour Options

If you had a dollar for every time you were in an office with white walls, you would probably be quite rich by now. While white may be the go-to shade for many, it can also appear to be quite stark and lacking in creativity. In addition to helping spruce up the place, colour can also have a direct effect on your employees’ productivity. Therefore, you should talk to your commercial painters about some of the other colour schemes that you can use. Green and yellow works well for environments where constant creativity is required. However, for group projects where communication is key, blue is a more suitable option. Red works great for employees who require stimulation and wakefulness.

Promote the Business Personality

What type of business are you running? Is it professional and focused on results? Or is the company all about innovation and creativity? It is a good idea to have your office reflect the overall personality of the company. This will help clients to feel a great deal more confident in your abilities. It will also help the employees to produce the type of work that they are expected to. From the moment somebody steps into the workspace, they should immediately be able to get some idea about what the company is like. Therefore, you should choose colours, styles, and furnishings that best represent the brand attitude.

Make it Comfortable

It does not matter how austere your business is, there is no reason why your employees and clients cannot feel comfortable. Having comfortable chairs, couches, and even tables can boost productivity and reduce ailments related to the workplace. Not to mention, everybody simply feels a lot better about being at that space. Always make sure to do a comfort test on furniture before choosing them.

The above pointers will come in handy when it comes to setting up your office for the most optimal effect.


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