Entrepreneurs Hiring: The Changing Employment Landscape

May 9, 2017

Recent research has stated that in future many Australians will see themselves as entrepreneurs more than employees. In fact, at the moment roughly a third of Millennials already aspire to be or are making active attempts to be an entrepreneur. This means that not only are traditional businesses changing how they operate, they are increasingly moving to more flexible employment structures.

In fact, one of the biggest changes is in the industry of labour hire. Melbourne businesses are increasingly likely to gain additional staff through labour hire companies, as opposed to traditional recruitment agencies. This shift in work structure represents several benefits for both businesses and any employees.


The Right People at the Right Time – Businesses often do not need a full-time expert on staff all the time and setting up a temporary contract through a hiring agency is one way to gain expert advice at the right time.

Specialised skills – Sometimes while a business might like to hire someone full time, they simply cannot justify an employee so narrowly specialised. By using project-based workers, it gives access to a range of people who they could never normally employ.

Flexibility – Employment flexibility can be crucial for start-ups and smaller businesses. The ability to only keep workers who are needed and lay them off without legal problems can make drastic growth possible.

Season based employment – Many companies that are based on seasonal work experience significant swings in productivity and hiring according to those fluctuations can help build better business models.

The Workers:

Flexibility – with so many millennials viewing themselves as entrepreneurs, the freedom of not having a full-time traditional job enables them to run their own side businesses. So many technical specialists enjoy the freedom of being able to set their own hours, whether that be certain hours or even certain seasons.

The Variety – Many professionals who approach a more flexible employment structure enjoy the challenge and variety of project based employment. Not only are they exposed to a wider range of jobs, they gain more life and work experience from coming into contact with a range of companies.

Increased passion and productivity – The casual nature of the employment ensure that workers are always kept alert, understanding that if they are not working to expectations they can be let go with little notice. This can also mean that your workers are more passionate about their work, enthusiastic and highly productive during their working hours.

Potential Full-time employment – Sometimes flexible labour hire can lead to full-time employment for workers who prove themselves. So not only does it give the business the opportunity to find exactly the right worker, it also offers a trial working time for both the business and the employee. Sometimes opinions on things like the company culture can only be built with actual experience in the company.

So is labour hire and flexible employment structure the future for Entrepreneurs? Only time will tell, but it is looking promising for many starting out within the Australian industry.


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