How NOT to Do Digital Marketing in 2018

March 3, 2018

Digital marketing is one of those things that can go wonderfully right, and also terribly wrong. Even the most experienced businesses make silly online marketing mistakes. This often happens because companies don’t upgrade their marketing strategy in accordance with algorithm updates and policy changes of search engine and social media companies. Refer below to a list of online promotion mistakes that your brand should not be making this year:

Use the Same Old Tricks for Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation has come a long way since a couple of years ago. Google constantly upgrades its algorithm to offer the highest-quality search results to customers. That means search results free of spammy or irrelevant links. Google in recent times has also taken steps to exclude websites containing potentially harmful material, like malware, in order to protect its customers. For marketers that mean new ways of optimising content and websites. Now is the best time to hire a reputable SEO agency to meet the updated demands of driving traffic. Find out which tactics still work and learn about new ways to optimise your brand’s online content to the best effect.

Not Promoting Content

Everyone by now knows the importance of creating online content to generate leads, drive traffic and otherwise create brand awareness. However, creating content for the sake of creating content will not yield any of these benefits for your brand. If you want the content your brand creates to actually reach the target audience, then this content must be actually promoted. That may mean paying for sponsored links, buying social media posts, hiring bloggers or influencers to share the link, among other tactics. Therefore, once content is created, there must be a solid plan in place to promote such content. Don’t ignore this aspect in your content marketing strategy.

Buying Followers and Likes on Social Media

If your brand is still buying likes and followers on social media sites like Facebook, then you are on the losing side of the social media marketing wars. Social media companies are now actively cracking down on brands that overwhelmingly use fake profiles or links. As such bot accounts have been linked to spread of fake news, buying like, favs, and followers has become controversial and even risky. If the company that you bought Facebook likes from is entangled in a fake news controversy, then your brand name could get ensnared in the ensuing fiasco, which is not at all good publicity. Therefore, shift focus to attracted organic followers and traffic onto social media accounts. If your brand is in the habit of buying bots accounts, start weaning off this habit right now.

Downplaying the Importance of Social Media Influencers

It’s very easy to ignore or dismiss the often flamboyant social media influencers. Most of these Facebook or Instagram celebrities have little life experience, are not professional marketers, and may have colourful personalities that don’t necessarily go well with your brand. However, social media influencers are very important when marketing to younger customers. The younger millennials and the iGen do not respond to traditional advertisements or video. However, they do convert if their favourite YouTube celebrity is promoting a product. If your brand has many young customers, do not be too quick to dismiss social media influencers.

Digital marketing never remains the same year after year. Staying on top of a digital marketing strategy means adapting to new trends and algorithm updates. Therefore, make sure your brand is not making above mistakes anymore.  Update your strategy accordingly with new information to remain effective.


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