How Do You Plan a Virtual Event?

May 31, 2021

Planning a virtual event is relatively easier than a physical one. However, there are more things to keep in mind. We discussed them below. Keep reading.

Have a Game Plan

Whether the event is big or small, come up with a game-plan. Think about the experience you’ll like to create as well as whether the conference would be free or not. Depending on the platform you’re hosting on, you might be forced to charge people to enter. Everything may be live-streamed. But there might be options to let people access the event on-demand later too.

The Right Time

When will the event be taking place? Be very mindful of the date. If the people attending would be professionals, the chances of them being free during a workday would be low. Be smart with the time as well.

Speaking of the time, what time-zone(s) will you be going by? Don’t just go with any. One that most of your visitors would be from would be the best. You can use analytical tools to make note of this as well as what time they are usually online.

A Host

A few of the names on your panel need to be major. This would create buzz for more people to show up.

As the event would be online, it would unfortunately be easier for anyone who is listening to lose focus. It’s very important that you be careful with the host you choose. They should be someone that knows how to engage an audience – if they’re a well-known person in the community, the chances of getting more people to come because of their presence would be high.

Technical Issues

There are quite a few technical issues that could take place. Partner with a virtual event company so that things would go smoothly. They’d also help you plan the perfect agenda.


Getting people to come to virtual events is much easier than physical ones. With the click of a finger, they would be able to take part in what you’re offering from across the globe. Give yourself the best chance by investing in digital advertising – promote the conference over social media. The platforms that would be the most worth your time would be Twitter and LinkedIn.

Remember to tease until the big day. This would create excitement for what you have planned. You could hire a team to handle the online promotion. But this is all up to you.

Don’t just promote – encourage others to get talking too. Have mini events online that would make others want to engage with you. Why not have contests for people to guess who the speakers at the panels would be?

Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning a virtual event, there is a plethora of things to keep in mind. There are so much more to consider especially in comparison to physical conferences. As everything would be online, the chances of technical difficulties would be higher. Take measures to prevent them and hire a good virtual event team to take care of things.


Image Credit: Web Conference

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