Professional Property Maintenance Services to Expect

August 7, 2019

Hiring a professional for your property maintenance is a big decision to make and choosing which company to do the maintenance for you could be overwhelming especially since numerous companies are offering the services.

If it is your first time to hire a professional to do upkeep on your property, it is better that you know what type of services to expect. Of course, the services would not be inclusive of every work mentioned in the list but at least you would be informed if you are being skimped on what you have paid for.

Landscape Maintenance

If you hire a professional to maintain your landscape, the services should include mowing the lawn, removing weed, trimming the shrub and the hedge, pruning the trees, fertilizing the plants, etc. Installation of decorative fittings such as fountains, patios and decks could also be included.

Companies that provide commercial property maintenance services are specialized in various fields and you have to choose wisely with regards to the services you truly require. Landscape maintenance on retail centres and or hotels or offices is different so you have to ensure that the company is serving the type of property you have.

Janitorial Services

Perhaps one of the most common services offered and one of the most requested are janitorial services. If you hire professionals to provide cleaning services, you could expect that they would clean the bathrooms, vacuum the carpets, clean the common areas, storage rooms, collect the garbage and other minor repairs. Other companies include minor repairs in their services such as repainting, sign repairs, changing tiles and light bulbs and other miscellaneous works.

Pest Control

If your commercial property is frequented by people and customers you have to ensure that there are no pests to turn them off. No one would want to spend time in a shopping mall or a store with crawling and flying insects. Your hotel or restaurant should be free of rodents to ensure that you would always have clients wanting to stay in your hotel or eat in your restaurant. These companies provide services one time as you require or as a regular service.

Masonry and Carpentry

Professional maintenance services in the forms of masonry and carpentry are also provided. Usually, the repair works include minor works on granite, marble, limestone, etc.

General Maintenance

General maintenance services include maintenance on the air conditioning and chiller, plumbing and electrical maintenance. These companies are usually available during emergencies for broken air conditioning units, busted and broken pipes and other emergencies. Other general maintenance may or may not include checking if the lifts are functional, the CCTVs are working, the sprinklers and fire alarms.

If you prefer to have one company do all the maintenance on your property, this is possible. Just properly convey to the professionals the services you require and if they don’t provide it, they could suggest to you who to hire or they would hire a subcontractor to do the maintenance works that you requested.

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