Questions to Answer For a Successful Interview

November 12, 2016

Slogging through looking for a job can quickly become a daunting task. Job seekers can become discouraged with repeated negative results and knockbacks. As at some point in your life, everyone will experience the process of looking for employment, it is important to know what managers are looking for in resumes and interviews. By knowing the silent questions a manager is looking for during the interview and application process, it increases the chance of success.

So, if you want to improve your chances of getting that dream job you are looking at, make sure you can answer the following questions managers ask themselves.

Do I like this person? – While a potentially hard area to anticipate, this will be answered during the interview process. It is important to realise that people do not hire someone who they do not like or think others will not like. To improve your chances of being likable, ensure you present well on your initial meeting. Most of a person’s emotional response is based on subconscious body cues. Ensuring you are smiling warmly, speak well and build rapport with your interviewer will go a long way to fulfilling those subconscious cues. Consciously plan to discover something about the people interviewing you and build a conversation around that area to break the ice.

Can they do the job? – An obvious question, you would be surprised to discover how many candidates fail to stand out. They might be the most competent out of the entire candidate pool, but if they do not make that clear, then interviewers are not going to select them. If this is an area that you feel you could do better in, consider enrolling in some speaking classes to learn how to sell yourself and your skills. Half the interview process surrounds the candidate selling themselves to the future employer, so do not rely on them asking the right questions, instead volunteer the information.

How will they add value? – Candidates are interviewed because the interviewer is reasonably certain they have the necessary skills. However, to receive the job and stand out from the crowd, you need to add additional value to the business. Plan how you would answer questions like, “what would you have added to the business in 2 – 5 years?”.

Will they fit in here? – Another question you cannot really anticipate, any interviewer is looking to determine if the candidate will fit the culture of the organisation. To improve your chances, thoroughly investigate the company before the interview and consider areas where your personality fits with the stated ideals and mission of the business.

Is what they’re saying true? – Finally once an interviewer has your name, the first thing they are going to do is conduct a Google search. If you are seriously considered, they may also conduct a more in-depth investigation. It is worth considering your online process, whether it improves or detracts from your application.

If you consider these five questions, agencies specialising in labour hire within Melbourne, like First Personnel, believe that you will succeed in any interview you set your mind on.


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