A Small Business Guide to Planning a Live Event

June 28, 2021

Whether you’re planning a product launch, conference, seminar, or something to increase customer loyalty, the below points would help. We’ve run through everything that would make sure your event goes smoothly. Keep reading.

Target Audience

The first thing to do is to decide who would show up at the event. This would help you decide several other aspects of the occasion, including the location, content, and pricing.

Have a Reason

Let’s say you’re planning a seminar. Figure out the goals for the night. Not only would your target audience affect the activities that you do, but so would the goal in mind. You may be having the event to raise awareness for a product that you’re going to launch.

Check Your Calendar

You may not be the only business that is hosting a conference in the area. Don’t have yours when others are going to as well. You’d make it harder for anyone to visit you. Don’t have the event during times that everyone is on vacation either – you would have a low turnout.

Your Limitations

Whether you’re hosting a seminar, conference, or product launch, you’d want to give attendees the best experience possible. As you can imagine, what you’d be able to accomplish would be restricted by your budget.

The only way to tackle a low budget would be through creativity and DIYing certain things.

What would also affect what you could accomplish would be your schedule. In a week, you won’t be able to plan a huge live event; something huge would take several months to plan.


Let’s talk about your budget. Come up with an estimate for the occasion. You’d likely be able to get sponsors to pay for everything.

If you can’t get sponsors to pay for everything, a combination of sponsorships, ticket sales, and company money would have to do.

A good chunk of the sum you’d raise would go for the venue you’re hiring.

Of course, crowdfunding platforms might be able to help.

Make a List

You’d want what you’re planning to go smoothly. What would help would be making a list of everything that would be needed. From the food, transportation, refreshment to the activities of the night, you need to jot them all down.

Remember that how successful the event would be, would be attributed to your company. This means that you’d have to stay on top of things like traffic too. Your conference may be large – the heavy flow of vehicles could cause congestions. A traffic control service would have to be hired.

Be Flexible

How well everything would go depends on how flexible you are; certain props may be out of your budget. Create them yourself.

One of the most important things to be flexible about is the location of the venue.

To summarize, there is a lot that a small business has to keep in mind if it’s going to be planning a seminar, conference, product launch or any type of event. To ensure things go smoothly, be organized and plan ahead.

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