Social Media For Your Business

September 18, 2015

From the time our ancestors walked this Earth, they have found ways in which to communicate and have their thoughts understood and responded to. Be it paintings in cave walls to hieroglyphics and eventually the thousands upon thousands of languages that span the globe, the end goal has always been to reach out to each other. Where businesses are concerned, this becomes more pronounced as this is the only way a company can make its intentions known. Over the years, many different ways of achieving this evolved, the most recent of which has proven to be quite the viral method of social media. This has brought about numerous benefits to companies as outlined below.


One may argue that this can be achieved through proper advertising strategies and significant investment into these areas, and they are not wrong; however, with social media, it is possible to stretch the possibilities across oceans in the blink of an eye. There is stronger brand awareness and recognition than ever, in a shorter span of time. Information is more easily accessible to us than it ever has been, and channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on have changed the way both companies and the consumer interact and interface.


Anyone who has spent time on social media, especially Facebook, will know just how often businesses put up posts on their official pages be they directly or indirectly related. These posts work in the same way that leads do, where if a customer sees the post often enough, it will at some point convert into a monetary sale. As there are also fans signed up to the page, their activity is also easily picked up by their circle of friends so if your product or service is stellar, chances are your sales will grow.


This generation is without a doubt the generation of social media, and to run a business in this day and age is actually comparatively much easier than it once was where customers were elusive and difficult to predict. We are so active on social media, that real-life interaction has drastically reduced enabling companies to understand how their target markets work. By their activity patterns, they can draw reports and conclusions on what strategies will work. They can also find out what sort of demographic their products attract.


A major issue businesses faced in the past was reaching out to customers across borders at a lower cost, and fast. This also meant that businesses preferred to expand their wings across borders to gather better leverage and widen their customer base. With social media, this is now a cinch, as you can connect two people one in Tokyo, the other in Minnesota without a hassle. Social media can work wonders for your brand, so if you have not considered yet, try it right now!

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