Three Top Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Convert

November 25, 2016

There is no shortage of articles telling new businesses or online entrepreneurs how to drive more traffic to your website. We may have even written a few ourselves! From SEO (search engine optimisation) building your brand, optimising your website connection between the different social media/app platforms there are hundreds of strategies on the internet.

One of the most important aspects that many articles forget is that a website’s end aim is not to simply sit there and look pretty – it has to provide viewers with a value and ultimately convert them into buyers. How that looks for your business might be different but a website should be there to further spread your brand’s message and engage visitors. For any business owner or operator, the most important metric when talking about their website is ROI or sales conversions.

So how do you improve your bottom line in a realistic way and ignore all the online jargon about impressions? There are many reasons why a website might not be converting your visitors. Take a look at the following ‘top most common reasons why you are not converting’ to start making improvements.


You’re focusing on design, not goals

Recent website design seems to make a website all about how pretty it looks and then if serves customers purpose. Following the latest design trends might make you a website that looks good, but if it is not optimised for any kind of conversion, it is merely an online brochure. Ensure your website is designed specifically with your customers’ goals in mind. Customers are either looking for information to research or want to purchase something. Keep this in mind when looking at your website design and put yourself in their position.


You are not analysing your results

Your business should not be the only one talking. Do not treat your website like a billboard instead use your data results to determine what customers are saying and doing with your website or online presence. Track how they move around your website, determine what is working and what isn’t so that you can improve and adjust your efforts.


You are not optimised for Mobile

More than half of consumers purchase on their mobile device, with up to 80% researching a purchase before entering a physical store location. With recent search engine updates, if your website is not optimised for mobile it will be excluded from industry-related searches. So if your website does not convert into a mobile version, with bigger text or changed buttons, it is though you do not exist for your mobile using customers.

If you need help in any of these areas, or if you are simply unhappy with your conversion rates and ROI, it might be time to talk to an expert. As a professional web design company in Melbourne, at One Stop Media, our designers are focused on designs that convert. We are experienced in a range of online technologies so we can fit the right design to both your business and your customers. Come talk to us today.


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