Turn Your Small Business into a Green Business

May 31, 2021

Being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious has become more of a necessity and less of a trend due to the impact that business has over the environment. This is no different for small business owners. Even if you are a starting company, going green is something that you can try – from the very beginning itself. Take a look at the following tips to see how you can do this.

Using Recycled Materials

When you start being eco-friendly, you don’t have to start big. Instead start from somewhere small such as using recycled paper. For example, if you are a cafe owner, turn use recycled paper for your paper cups. If you are printing marketing literature, use recycled paper for the purpose. Recycled paper has always been popular among communities who do arts and crafts; so, if you are really creative you can ensure both sustainability and aesthetic design of your company products.


Digital marketing or e-marketing has many benefits. Of course, with the fast-growing online platforms, switching to online marketing has its own business profits. But beyond that, it will also help you to stay eco-friendly. Marketing via social media and other online platforms will help you to reduce the amount of paper you use for marketing purposes. Make social media flyers announcing your products and promotions; change to email newsletters instead of traditional mails. Try to reduce the use of papers and replace them with digital alternatives.

Encourage Reusable Items

Within your business, encourage re-usable items among your employees as well as customers. For example, if you are a diner, consider reusable plates instead of paper plates unless it is for takeout purposes.  Some of the other changes you can try are encourage your customers to use totes; introduce mesh produce bags; encouraging customers to use stainless steel straws; reusable plastic straws; replacing plastic cutlery with stainless steel ones.

Sell Online

While online stores are becoming very popular, there are still small businesses that do not have much of an online presence when it comes to selling products. Selling online would have several benefits for you as well the environment. Online stores would mean the number of customers who would drive to your store (and therefore burning fuel) is less. There are plenty of energy efficient transport services that you can use for shipping and delivery of your products. Sales vice, your customer base would increase as you will be able to reach a large target audience with an online store.

Renewable Energy Sources

Trying out renewable energy source such as solar power to power your business/ company building is a great way to become eco-friendly. You can start this from the beginning when you first initiate your business plan. If you feel like it costs a little more than you can afford at the beginning, you can switch to solar power and look for solar power inverters in Australia as your business grows a little and start to expand.

Make your business a sustainable one by adapting these methods into your business. You can ensure a thriving business all the while making sure you have minimum effect on the environment.


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