What Makes a Good Leader

February 18, 2016

When you think of the word ‘leader’ or ‘manager’ for instance, there is a certain sense of awe that accompanies it. It signifies one who is responsible and is in charge of paving the way to ensure everyone else can follow and work as part of a team. However, what most leaders do not know, is that simply earning more and having the title is not sufficient; there are some key traits that make good leaders, and for some this can be a real test of patience and character. These are some of the main factors that contribute towards a solid leader.


This work both ways, in that you should be transparent with your employees and allow them to be open with you in turn. Nothing makes a workplace worse than a manager who is in a constant bad mood, never approachable and unfriendly. This by no means to say that you should establish a solid friendship with them; however, you should give off the aura that you can be spoken to at any time, and that you are impartial to whatever the situation or whoever the person may be. If your employees cannot speak with you freely, how do you expect them to improve?


Just as you are probably trying to instill feelings of unity and togetherness in your team to be able to function better and bring in more sales, you should also remember that you are an integral part of this team. In fact, you are the sun in the solar system around which your employees rotate while harnessing your energy for their survival. If you exercise true feelings of being a team, your employees will also, in turn, feel this and be motivated.


Although you are not meant to disclose private company information in the name of honesty, you do need to be as real as possible, especially as the youth of today are no-nonsense attitude and have no respect for superiors unless they feel that respect is warranted on some level. Honesty is the best policy as they say, and if you make a mistake or something goes wrong because of you, admit it instead of blaming one of your team just because that is the easier choice. You will receive it back.


Be confident. Nobody will take a leader of any kind seriously if they are shy, reserved and soft-spoken. If you have noticed, most leaders are loud, well-built people who are sure of what they want, where they are going and what they want to say. They do not dawdle on the decision, but make them quickly and do not waste time. While each leader is, of course, different, these are some key factors that set them apart and you should bear in mind to stand stall, and exude positivity in your actions.

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