What to Look for Before Hiring Office Cleaning Services

October 15, 2016

Top of the line cleaning contractors offer a wide range of services. These include domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, school cleaning and builders cleaning. Specialist services are carpet cleaning, flood restoration, spring cleaning and other cleaning activities that do not fall within these set tasks. However, cleaning of offices requires specific expertise in this field to successfully carry it out.

By its very nature, office cleaning is a very complex activity and only specially trained cleaners are allotted to it. It also requires a host of statutory permissions and licences. Take the case of cleaning of external windows in high rise office blocks. The cleaning company must have licence for this task with the cleaners being trained and permitted to work at heights. It is not that anybody with a degree of agility is allowed to take up this job.

Given the intricacies of office cleaning, it is always advisable that a great degree of due diligence and research be carried out before selecting a contractor.

The first and the most crucial aspect that should play on your mind is the security of your office. You’ll be having strangers coming in every day and hence should be absolutely sure about their credentials and reliability. The agency you choose should be fully insured, bonded and licensed. Most contractors have the antecedents of their cleaners verified by the police and hire them only when they receive the all-clear from the authorities. Appoint an agency that cares for the safety and security of your office premises and the costly equipment in there.

Does the contractor have experience in handling offices your size? This should be important for you if you have a sprawling office space. Cleaning large offices requires deployment of specialised equipment since the job has to be completed quickly and efficiently every day before your employees report for work. This is more so if your office is spread out over several floors. The company must have the required infrastructure to deal with large offices. Check the list of their existing office clients that they service and be assured on this point.

The agency should also be able to structure their cleaning routine so that the cleaners come in and finish the work before your business hours. This is particularly relevant if your office follows shift timings over different floors. The cleaners should match their work with your timings even if it means working at odd hours.

Finally, and this is very vital, always opt for a cleaning service that uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Conventional cleaning products have harmful chemical laced ingredients. In the long run, constant exposure to toxic fumes can adversely affect the health of your employees. Choose a company that only uses green and mild cleaning products without harsh and abrasive substances. Only then will you be guaranteed a fresh and healthy office environment.

Follow these simple pointers to optimise cleaning of your office premises.


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