Why Should You Work with A Legal Recruitment Agency? A Small Law Firm’s Guide

May 14, 2020

Being a small law firm, you want the best lawyers joining you. Unfortunately, this may be hard to do. You’re not getting a good supply of candidates, and unfortunately, people may not be applying to your listings. A legal recruitment agency can help with this and much more. Let’s discuss how great they are below.

Get the Most Candidates

Sadly, lawyers apply for posts in very big firms. If you’re a small law firm looking for candidates, the recruitment agency would provide you with a huge array of lawyers that are interested in the job. After all, their site and agents introduce candidates to job listings that they may have ignored otherwise.

Get the Best Candidates

Whether they’re experienced lawyers or law graduates, the candidates in recruitment agencies are different from the general public. They’re working with an agency, putting the extra effort into finding a job. This tells you that they’re committed, which is what you need. This is especially important for small firms as these are the type of people that help you grow.

Get Your Name Out There

Working with a recruit agency is a good way to get your name out there. Candidates will see your name as they scroll through listings. The larger it is, the better. At the end of the day, this is a marketing tactic.

They might even spread your name to family and friends, drastically increasing your brand’s awareness.

Thankfully, most recruitment agencies are large and can get this done. But if you’re looking to get your name across the largest network, you’ll work with names like Beacon-Legal Recruitment.

Save Money

As you’re a small firm, you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Posting listings take a lot of time. Time is money, especially when you’re a small business. Let’s not forget that it costs a lot of money to post listings too. You’ll need to advertise in the papers, magazines, and some sites charge a fee to advertise job posts.

The recruitment agency would look after your listings. You might not even have to post anything. They’ll have a list of candidates who’re looking for jobs on their site. If you like what you see, you can get in contact with them and get things sorted out.

Seem Professional

Speaking of brand awareness, you want people to think that your firm is established. That’s why joining a recruitment agency is a great move. Potential candidates would realize that you’re a firm that’s down for business. And you can present yourself in the best possible light, making yourself seem bigger and better. And when candidates speak about you with loved ones, they’ll make note of how established you are.

Being a small law firm, you have many firms to compete with. That’s why working with a recruitment agency is a great move. You’ll find the best candidates, while saving the most time. You’ll even get your name out, and save money as well. This seems like a good deal. What do you think?

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